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About Us

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LEFOO develops and manufactures reliable, high quality standard Pressure Control, temperature control Devices offering innovative solutions and components able to outfit at best machines and production systems and give a single answer to any requirements in pressure control systems. In pneumatics, HVAC, refrigeration, food & beverage processing, packaging systems, hydraulics, house hold appliance, industrial automation, LEFOO can always provide clients with accurate and dependable pressure control devices.

In Hangzhou factory, we devote to developing and manufacturing compressed air treatment equipments and pumps. 

Besides a comprehensive range of standard products, LEFOO can also offer specific custom solutions, especially designed to meet particular actual requirements.

Huge investments in R&D not only assure versatile solutions and great flexibility to meet the present market demand but also guarantee cost-effective product features and performances.

The successful and lasting presence in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, also strengthened by the prestigious TUV ISO 9001:2008certification and by many other specific product approvals prove LEFOO to be a qualified international manufacturer able to suit the most various and demanding technological requirements.  



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